Todd Rogers
Assistant Professor of Public Policy

Professor Rogers is a behavioral scientist whose current research sits at the intersection of education, psychology, judgment and decision-making, and behavioral economics. It aims to shed light on the cognitive, motivational, and social barriers to student achievement, and to develop low-cost scalable interventions informed by behavioral science. His education research takes place in a range of settings, including K-12 schools, online universities, state and community colleges, test prep programs, and MOOCs. Other research topics include the cognitive and social factors that influence election participation and how time-inconsistent preferences can be leveraged to increase support for future-minded policies and choices. Prior to HKS, Rogers was founding executive director of the Analyst Institute. He is also a senior researcher with the think tank ideas42. Rogers was named a Rising Star by Politics Magazine for his work in the 2008 election cycle, and a 40 under 40 award winner by New Leaders Council for leadership in politics. VIEW FULL BIO

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