Jennifer S. Lerner
Professor of Public Policy and Management
Radcliffe Fellow

Professor Jennifer Lerner studies human judgment and decision-making. Drawing from psychology, economics, and neuroscience, she examines how feelings affect risk perceptions, economic transactions, and legal judgments; the effects of accountability; and the decision-making processes of elite government, military, and corporate leaders. Together with colleagues, she has developed a widely-used theoretical framework that successfully predicts the effects of specific emotions on specific judgment and choice outcomes. Lerner’s work, published in leading scientific journals, has received many research awards, including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers—the highest honor bestowed by the US government to scientists and engineers in the early stages of their careers. She has also received the National Science Foundation’s “Sensational 60” distinction. Lerner is an award-winning teacher who also consults for private- and public-sector organizations, including NATO and the United Nations. She is co-founder of the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. VIEW FULL BIO

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