Felipe Calderón MC/MPA 2000
President of Mexico (2006-2012); Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Fellow

President Calderón was president of Mexico from 2006-12. He previously served as secretary of energy and the director of BANOBRAS (Public Works Bank) in President Vicente Fox’s administration. Calderón was leader of the National Action Party (PAN) in the lower House and secretary general and national president of PAN. Under his administration, Mexico achieved universal health coverage. The president also established economic reform as a top priority of his administration. In 2012, Calderón chaired the G20 conference. During his presidency, Mexico chaired the COP 16 conference, for which he was recognized as a global leader in fighting the threat of climate change. Currently, Calderón serves as chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, president of the Sustainable Human Development Foundation, and is the Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School.

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