Debbie Aung Din MC/MPA 1990
Cofounder and CEO, Proximity Designs

Debbie Aung Din is cofounder of Proximity Designs, a nonprofit social enterprise in Myanmar. Proximity, which makes and sells products and services that provide a path out of poverty for rural families, operates a full-scale design lab staffed with professional product designers. The company focuses on three main sectors: agriculture, renewable energy, and financial services for rural households. Proximity delivers its products and services through a private sector distribution network. Since 2004, more than 2.5 million rural people have benefited from Proximity’s products and services. Proximity also leverages its national networks and knowledge of rural customers for greater impact by conducting economic research in partnership with the Kennedy School’s Ash Center. The analysis focuses on key issues related to the country’s economic and political transition and is designed for a broad group of Myanmar leaders. Aung Din is a native of Myanmar and has also lived and worked in Mississippi, Cambodia, Indonesia. She has served a variety of organizations including nongovernmental agencies, local community groups, USAID, the United Nations, and the World Bank. She holds an MC/MPA from Harvard Kennedy School. 

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