Amandla Ooko-Ombaka MPA/ID 2016
Dubin Fellow, Center for Public Leadership

Ooko-Ombaka was named for the freedom chant “Amandla Awethu!”—power to the people—reflecting her late father’s fight for a new political dispensation in Kenya. Witnessing the 2007 post-electoral conflict in Kenya as an election monitor, and the subsequent rebuilding of her country has refueled her commitment to transformative leadership and public service across Africa. Ooko-Ombaka believes that engaging private sector resources and capabilities is critical to this transformation and is constantly seeking ways to bring together her public sector heart and private sector mind. As a junior engagement manager at McKinsey & Company (USA, Nigeria) she worked across more than 8 industries in more than 25 cities focused on driving performance in public sector organizations including managing the gas master plan implementation for a large West African government, and designing the state-led financial inclusion pilot for 8 million rural poor in Ethiopia. Ooko-Ombaka co-founded the Leadership Institute at Yale and is a board member of Smart Citizens-Kenya. VIEW FULL BIO

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